BSPOGA / RCOG Training Day

BSPOGA / RCOG Training Day

Skills and resources for delivering person-centred care

Joint RCOG/BSPOGA meeting

31 March 2017

5 Credits / 1 day / RCOG, London


There is growing awareness of the importance of  a holistic approach to health care delivery. This  approach looks beyond the pathophysiological  basis of illness and takes cognisance of broader  issues such as the the psychosocial determinants of  health and illness and the impact of care provider  behaviour on health outcomes. In contemporary  practice, all health professionals should be  competent in providing tailored information to  individual service users, developing a relationship  of trust with them, enhancing their healthcare  experience and optimizing health outcomes.  Unfortunately reviews such as the Francis Report  and Berwick Review show that this is often not...

Name Change Proposal

The chairperson, Leroy Edozien, would request that all member and all delegates who have booked for the ASM 2016 would read the following two documents proposing changes to the Society's name and therefore changes to the Constitution of the Society which will be voted on at the meeting of 14 October 2016:

Thank you for your careful attention to this matter.  If you have any questions regarding this matter please direct them to the Secretary General, Remon Keriakos,